Welcome to the Visual Cognition Lab

We are interested in understanding the mechanisms of how people process and represent information in the brain in traditional as well as novel (e.g., VR, AR, Game) media environments. Research in the lab focuses on how various factors, such as prior experience, knowledge, context, and emotion, influence human perception and cognition of multisensory contents. To study these issues, converging methodologies are used including cognitive behavioral experiments, eye-tracking, and electrophysiological measures (EEG/ERP) with human participants.


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We are looking for talented and enthusiastic individuals to join the team (Master/ PhD students). Academic background in a relevant field (e.g., Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience, Computer Science), quantitative and technical skills, and proficiency in programming (e.g., Matlab, Python, Unity) are strongly recommended. Send an email to jeongmi@kaist.ac.kr for inquiries.

Eugene Hwang received the Outstanding Presentation Award!

Eugene Hwang received Outstanding Presentation Award from Annual Conference'21 of Korean Society for Cognitive & Biological Psychology.

Seungun Lee participates in the Games&Art exhibition

Seungun Lee participates in the 'Game&Art: Auguries of Fantasy' as a team member of SOS. The exhibition will be open until September 5th, 2021 at 대전시립미술관 창작센터

Jinwook Kim was selected as ZER01NE Creator

Jinwook Kim was selected as ZER01NE Creator with Seonghyeon Kim and Dooyoung Kim(CT3K). Their work will be presented at ZER01NE Day. Congrats!

New Grants!

[NRF Grant] "Research on combining EEG and eye-tracking data for accurate inference of the user cognitive state in VR" research project is funded by the National Research Foundation for 2 years.

[2021 KIRD R&D Real Challenge Program] Hyunyoung Jang, Karam Eum(Games and Life Lab), and Youngjun Choi(Music and Audio Computing Lab)’s research proposal was selected for KIRD R&D Real Challenge Program and funded 21M Won for 6 months.

NC Scholarship Selected

Jinwook Kim was awarded 2021 NCSOFT scholarship. Congratulations!

New Ph.D. & M.S. Students!

Hyun Young, Seungun, Hyuckjin (M.S.) and Hyunchul (Ph.D.) joined the Visual Cognition Lab in 2021. Welcome!!

Jinwook & Eugene graduated!

Jinwook & Eugene graduated with a MS degree! Congratulations!! Both of them are getting into the GSCT Ph.D program.

2020 KIRD R&D Real Challenge Program

[2020.5~2020.11] Jinwook, Eugene, and Dooyoung (UVR LAB)'s research proposal was selected for KIRD R&D Real Challenge Program and funded 18M Won for 6 months.


[2020.4~2020.12] Eugene's research proposal 'Attention Guidance Technique in Static/Dynamic Contexts using Visual Subliminal Cues' was selected for the KAIST High Risk High Return Project.

Attended AIVR 2019

[2019.12.9~2019.12.11] Jinwook and Eugene attended AIVR 2019 in San Diego, USA.

Attended SIGGRAPH 2019

[2019.7.28~2019.8.4] Jinwook and Eugene attended SIGGRAPH 2019 in Los Angeles, USA.